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Our team is full of people who are passionate about advocating for God’s children in an ethical and holistic manner

Nathan Hagglund
Nathan HagglundChairman of the US Board
Nathan has been involved with Visible Grace since the very beginning. He played a large part in encouraging the founder, Ashby, to follow her dream by setting up Visible Grace as a US based non-profit. Nathan has worked in the furniture industry for nearly 20 years and is currently helping lead Stanton Furniture, a leading furniture company on the West Coast. He keeps Visible Grace relevant, tech-savvy and centered on the mission statement.
Dixon Rauch
Dixon RauchBoard Secretary and Treasurer
Dixon has been greatly involved with Visible Grace since it was merely a concept. He helps keep things organized and in compliance. Dixon brings years of business experience, a resilient work ethic, and humor to the table. He has traveled to Kenya twice and loves seeing all the hard work over the years come alive at the Visible Grace house.
Lindsay Burke
Lindsay BurkeBoard Member
Lindsay has taught children with special needs for 14 years. She met and became friends with the founder of Visible Grace and has been a supporter for ten years, joining the board in 2015. Lindsay has traveled to Kenya three times, with plans to visit in the future. She offers culturally-relevant insight to the board and fun anecdotes of the bursting personalities of the kids.
Carly Cross
Carly CrossAdministrative Assistant
Carly has supported Visible Grace since the beginning and officially joined the team in 2014. She manages the social media content, coordinates fundraisers and facilitates communication between the U.S. and Kenyan boards. She loves using creativity to serve her family, friends and church.
Steve & Judy Silas
Steve & Judy SilasManaging Director & House Parent
Steve and Judy are Tanzanians working at Visible Grace as parents. They joined VG immediately after their marriage in 2013. Judith’s nursing skills have been so helpful in raising healthy children at the house. Steve’s love for the children and management position has been so influential for the development of the organization.
Ashby Rauch Kidd
Ashby Rauch KiddFounder & Sponsor Manager
Ashby Rauch Kidd is our founder of Visible Grace. After being inspired in college to start VG, she worked with family and friends to make it a reality, spending time fundraising in Portland, Oregon and finally moving to Kenya in 2012 to start the first home. Ashby now lives with her husband Abram and their two children in Tanzania, traveling to Nairobi 3-4 times a year to visit the home, attend board meetings, and encourage and support the staff. Ashby serves as our sponsorship coordinator and enjoys taking pictures of the children at VG.
Abram Kidd
Abram KiddKenyan Board Member
Abram Kidd was born and raised in a Christian family in rural Eastern Ontario, Canada. He spent a college semester in East Africa and he has been studying and teaching there for more than 10 years. He works with Africa Inland Mission, teaches Biblical Studies at Nassa Theological College in Tanzania, and is a PhD candidate in Intercultural Studies at Africa International University in Kenya. Abram met Ashby in Nairobi in 2013 and joined Visible Grace the same year. They married a year later, now have two boys, and live in Tanzania. Both serve on Visible Grace’s board in Kenya and Abram also serves as board secretary.
AnneSocial Worker
JosephOvernight Security Guard
TereziaHouse Auntie
MercyHouse Auntie