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The Kids

The Kids 2016-12-08T16:35:58+00:00
Hannah6 Years Old
Hannah is an exceptionally confident, outgoing girl. She loves to play make believe. She loves to talk or to “cook” in the sandbox. She’s a budding artist and loves to draw.
Jane6 Years Old
Jane is very kind and loves physical affection. She’s quiet and loves to play house.
Lucy5 Years Old
Lucy was very quiet and reserved when she first joined the VG home in 2013. Now you would barely recognize her! She loves to play, sing, skip, color and run.
Mariano3 Years Old
Mariano joined the VG house in 2014. We are so grateful to have another boy in our home. He adapted so quickly to his role as little brother, and loves to play with the older kids. He especially loves to be outside.
Peter7 Years Old
Peter is quet, polite and reliable. He’s a very good helper and he loves sports.
Precious7 Years Old
Precious is very outgoing and is a natural leader. She loves to sing and organize the other kids when playing games or singing songs.
Raphael6 Years Old
Raphael is extremely outgoing and confident. He loves to pretend to drive, and to play soccer with Peter. He also loves to give hugs!
Rita6 Years Old
Rita is our class clown! She will do anything for a laugh. You can always trust her to tell the truth and her mischievous grin has become an indispensable part of the VG home.
Trisa8 Years Old
Trisa was our first child to come to the VG house. She’s a natural ‘big sister’ and enjoys helping with the younger children.
Victor3 Years Old
Victor was our last child to join the VG house. Our ‘last born’ is a natural charmer, and his smile could win over the hardest of hearts. He’s had a few medical problems this past year, yet still remains happy and cheerful almost all of the time.